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Happy New Year (and Instagram)

Thu Jan 1, 2015, 1:59 PM by Art-of-man:iconart-of-man:

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to wish all members a very Happy New Year! I hope that 2015 sees you and those close to you blessed with good health, good fortune and general good times for everyone!!! :D

In addition to running two groups here on dA, my time is increasingly being taken up with work. What started as a part time job is soon to have extra hours, extra courses to teach - and extra paperwork to go with it! :(

Its not too bad though because one of my new courses involves teaching the basics of acrylic painting to adults - which I'm both nervous and excited about.

In the past, I've always waited until a piece is finished before posting it to dA, but I find that I'm grabbing a couple of hours here and there and working on a piece gradually - instead of over a whole day. With this in mind, I've set up an Instagram account so that I can post updates of my work as I add to it.

I must admit that I've found Instagram incredibly inspiring and quite friendly - so far!

Please feel free to 'Follow' me at - I'm happy to follow everyone back.

I will of course still be around here at dA - submissions will still be approved at least once a week, I just won't be posting my personal finished pieces as often.

Take care,


Expired Submissions

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 11:37 AM by Art-of-man:iconart-of-man:

Hey everyone,

I want to apologise for some submissions expiring before I could approve them.

When I logged on last weekend, the submissions seemed to be randomly placed in the wrong folder. After some time I realised that it wasn't you guys putting them in the wrong folder - it was a technical problem somewhere along the line.

As I hadn't had a chance to log on until today, approx 30 submissions had expired.

If this affected you, please resubmit them. There were some really great pieces amongst them and I'd love to get them included in the gallery!

Again, sorry if it affected you. :hug:


Hey everyone,

Just a note to say that an increasing number of pieces are still being submitted to the wrong folders. I will no longer be sending a comment if a piece is submitted to the wrong folder - it will just be declined. All you need to do is re-submit it to the correct folder.

My intention is not to be rude, it's simply that it is really time consuming to move pieces or write comments to people. Today, out of nearly 100 pieces, 25 were submitted wrongly. :(

To help everyone decide where a piece should go, I've done a quick set of questions that you should use before submitting or to help you understand why a piece was declined.

Is there any colour other than black and white or grey in it?
YES - problem solved - this IS the Black & White Club!
NO - next question

Have I used more than one medium?
YES - submit to the Mixed Media folder
NO - next question

Does my image move?
YES - submit to the Animated folder
NO - next question

Does it show or tell other artists how to create something?
YES - submit to the 'How To...' folder
NO - next question

Did I create it on a computer/iPad/smartphone etc?
YES - submit to the Digital folder
NO - next question

If I only had a pen and some black ink* could I still create my piece?
YES - submit to the correct Line Art* folder
NO - next question

Did I use pencil, charcoal, graphite or paints?
YES - submit to Traditional folder
NO - next question

Is it an original photographic image?
YES - submit to Photography folder
NO - ask the Founder what to do ;)

Hope this helps everyone! If you're still not sure, just have a look at the galleries to see what kind of pieces go where! :D

Have a great Easter,


* Please note: Line Art does NOT contain any grey. It can only be created using a black pen on a white background or a white pen on a black background. Lino prints and scraper/scratch board art can also be submitted to a Line Art folder.

Submissions are now open again :D

One thing you'll notice is how bare the folders look at the moment. This is only temporary as they'll gradually fill up with featured works chosen from the previous month's submissions. :) In order to do this, there are some changes to the folders. Other than Animation and Tutorials, you CANNOT submit to the main folders, you need to submit to the monthly folder within the main folders below.

:bulletblue: Traditional Art - Contains grey and uses Pencils, Graphite, Charcoal, Watercolour, Acrylic, Oil, Pastels etc
:bulletblue: Digital Art - Created on a computer, or for heavily manipulated photographic images
:bulletblue: Photography - Raw or lightly processed images.
:bulletblue: Line Art - Non-traditional - Anime, Manga, Fantasy characters, comic strips, superheroes etc
:bulletblue: Line Art -Traditional - More 'traditional' line art and sketches
:bulletblue: Mixed and other mediums - More than one medium used, or crafts etc

Images submitted to the wrong folder will be declined - check before you post!

How to choose the correct gallery

There appears to be some confusion between the Traditional and Line Art galleries when submitting work, but there's an easy way to decide which is the correct one for your work.

Traditional - As mentioned above, traditional work uses Pencils, Graphite, Charcoal, Watercolour, Acrylic, Oil, Pastels etc and involves both solid and blended/shaded tones. There is always an element of grey in addition to black and white. If your piece only has black and white in it, then it belongs in one of the Line Art folders.

Line Art - Line art has no blended or shaded tones of grey. It is only made up of black and white. It's origin is from the days before printing processes allowed for tones, and illustrations had to be done using lines and hatching or stippling to give an impression of shadows and tones. Simple info can be found here

We have split Line Art into two categories, one for Non-traditional images such as Anime, Manga, Fantasy characters, comic strips, superheroes etc, and one for Traditional pieces.

The other galleries are more self-explanatory.

Additionally, I need to draw attention again to the quality of the images being submitted. There are far too many images being submitted that are not true grayscale or black and white. White should be white - not a slightly pink, yellow or brown. There are details of how to correct this in the Info and Submission Rules, so there really is no excuse for it.

In order to maintain the integrity of the group, if you can't take the time to ensure your image is in grayscale or black and white, I won't be able to take the time to approve it - sorry. :(

Let's see how things go this year! :D

Today, be the reason for someone's smile.


Hey everyone,

Just a note to say that submissions are closed until New Year's Day. (although I'll probably open them up before then!)

This is so that I can re-arrange the galleries to make it easier to run a new Monthly Feature from 2014.

The way you submit will be slightly different as you'll be submitting to a monthly folder within the category folder - (at the moment you submit to the category folder) - but it's not complicated and I'll update the posting guidelines in case any of you have problems. :)

For now I'll just take the opportunity to wish a happy, healthy and safe New Year to each of you, and those closest to you.

Best Wishes,

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